CT2001 Deluxe Tamper Proof Thermostat
CT2001 Deluxe Tamper Proof Thermostat
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  • Limits maximum heat and minimum cool temperature setting. Limits are customizable. For example, the maximum heat can be set to 68°, 70° or a temperature of your choosing.

  • Full or Partial screen lock. Prevents changing of the programmable schedule while allowing temporary temperature changes.

  • 7 Day programmable schedule: Automatically resets the temp once or multiple times a day.

  • Tamper Warning labels.

  • Free factory programming of your custom settings and schedule.

  • Works with most HVAC systems including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps (Single and multi stage).

  • Easy to read touchscreen.

  • Automatic changeover between heat and cool.

  • Service reminders (Filters, etc).

  • Battery Backup - Operates during power failures.

  • New Security feature - Making the thermostat more secure than ever before.

  • Improved locking function - Allows you prevent the system from being turned off in addition to locking or limiting the temperature control.

  • Better schedule control - Better control how and when the thermostat changes temperature. Change temperature multiple times a day or once a week or not at all.